How did I get into the world of Design?  I was born in a Kibbutz, "good girl" and studied in three different schools in different cities.

Art and music took, and are still taking a very important role in my life. I played the violin and the mandolin. I also sang in operatic, classical music choirs.

I served six years in IDF (Israel Defense Forces) but not continuously, in between, I studied for B.Sc. degree in Earth Science and M.Sc. in Geomorphology both have had their impact on me.

I worked for seven years as a Geological forensic scientist at the Division of Identification and Forensic Science in the Israeli police.

31 years ago I decided to make a change.

My idea was to channel my experience through the years, both in forensic and in earth science materials, into historic building preservation and Interior design.

I studied Interior design in De Mont Fort University, Leicester UK for which I received an MA with distinction.

My intention to stay and work in UK, was cut short when my beloved mother, a holocaust survivor got sick, this brought me back to Israel.

I worked 10 years in different architects firms.

19 years ago (2003) I started my own studio. I am involved in versatile projects, from residential (apartments and private houses), offices, medical clinics, restaurants to planning preservation and documenting listed buildings.

My eyes which didn’t get tired looking for a needle in a  hay stack, eyes that were occupied for many years in "finding the difference"' these are the eyes   that see details. With the knowledge in materials and such eyes, I combine my expertise with the understanding of the clients' needs, incorporating them into the design process, leading the project to the right punctilious and even exceptional outcome.