My Philosophy

As most of us now understand, unplugging and absorbing ourselves in more natural environments, can lower our levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Through considered planning and design one may support people in seeking respite from the intensity of modern environments or the tether to technology.

The urbanisation is unavoidable. Therefore when providing urban environments which facilitate spaces for distraction-free focus and rejuvenation; or spaces which encourage people to come together is rather essential.

Fluidity and openness are part of the solution. When designing, one should respond to the modern challenges of rapid urbanisation with a specific design in order to foster the human relationship with the natural environment. One should also - encourage social interaction, provide a space for inspired working, support our need to seek respite and enhance the wellbeing of the communities and workplaces.

Using ecofriendly materials is playing an important role in the total design. 

Once we remember that the human being is only part of the holistic delicate globe system, it will make sense of a better holistic design.